Video Games

709For over 20 years, Hifi-Génie Productions have worked passionately for the video game industry. Our digital recording studios are fully equipped for dubbing, with electronic rythmo band Mosaic Game (An exclusivity Hifi-Génie Productions by NOBLURWAY), post-production and mixing, which allows us to provide an efficient and effective audio production. Our company structure is extremely responsive and flexible in order to offer the optimal solution.


12266Our staff is dedicated to offering you a complete and professional solution, with a pool of more than 600 voice talents to cater for all of your projects. Thanks to our experience and know-how, we take care of many localizations for the biggest game publishers such as RIOT, RIOT Gmaes, Activision/Blizzard, EPIC Games, CAPCOM and Valve.

12195Need localization of video game-related media, audio or on-screen identification? Hifi-Génie Productions take care of your trailers, making-ofs or special projects such as Champion Spotlight for League of Legends.

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