Located in the heart of Paris, Hifi-Génie Productions, your recording studio dedicated to multimedia audio production

Three digital recording studios fully equipped to professionnal standards

We have their trust:

Avtivision/Blizzard, Riot Games, NC Soft, Konami, Bethesda...

With its digital rythmo band, Hifi-Génie can dub your animation projects.

Many TV channels rely on Hifi-Génie Productions for their TV shows

Hifi-Génie Productions were part of the voice creation for Aldebaran's robot Nao
Video game dubbing? Hifi-Génie Productions took care of League of Legends, Destiny, Wildstar, World of Warcraft and the Skylanders franchise. We take responsibility for your whole production, whatever its scope, its number of voice talents and its final media.
From cartoons to short shows and documentaries, with lip-sync or voice-over, we at Hifi-Génie Productions record, mix and create the sound design of many shows for France Télévisions, Arte, Discovery Channel and MTV...
Motion Design, e-learning, e-books, interactive voice servers, and even the creation of the synthetic voice of the Nao robot, Hifi-Génie Productions dedicate all their experience to your multimedia product.